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Sibelco Europe MineralsPlus

Sibelco Europe MineralsPlus - formerly known as Ankerpoort -  is one of the most prominent European suppliers of mineral raw materials and semi-finished products for industrial applications. 

Our industrial minerals are the basis for a host of products which are indispensable in everyday life such as glass, steel, ceramics, paints, plastics, cattle feeds, lime fertilizers and asphalt, just to name a few.

Dedicated milling for each mineral

Each of Sibelco Europe MineralsPlus' eight production companies is specialised in the processing of specific minerals, with specially-developed installations and higly trained, experienced professionals. With worldwide sourcing and dedicated processing of selected value-added minerals we bring unique functionalities to our customers' products.


Global resources, local solutions

The name Sibelco is synonymous with premium mineral additives. Over the years, we have built a deserved reputation for quality, choice and service.

You’ll experience the benefits of this, choosing from a wide portfolio of products through a single point of contact, whilst gaining access to the worldwide expertise of one of the market’s most innovative mineral providers.

With premium quality mineral reserves around the world, we’re perfectly placed to support your future growth. And whilst our mineral resources are global, our service remains locally focused where you need it most, with technical backup and customer support of the highest standard via a regional network of offices and specialist laboratories.

Sibelco Europe Minerals

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